Age:About 200 years old

Birthday:12/19(Japan’s First Travel Day)

Zodiac sign:Sagittarius

Blood type:RHO

Favorite color:Purple, dark brown

Favorite food:Sushi rolls, Gigantic peak

Hobby:traveling, tour of sweets

Special skills:Chess, karuta, picture letter, cooking

Treasure:ZUDABUKURO(carry-all bag)



* * *



U-GYO is an alien from Bazooga.

The true figure has forgotten himself.

He loves Japan more than Japanese.

He is a traveler … probably about 200 years old.

In fact, he is a prince of Bazooga, King-Bazooga is aiming for his life.

However, he lost his memory, he doesn’t know the situation well.

The “Kaburigasa” on his head can grows and shrinks.

It is a convenient item that allows to spend a night in the night.

He received other weapons and monk costumes

from “Yellow-chicchi” who helped him in Kyoto.

From that time on, he can see Youkai and attacked bad Youkai.



* * *



Here is the story of U-GYO

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