Birthday:8/3(Day of the honey)

Zodiac sign:Leo

Blood type:A

Favorite color:Orange、Yellow

Favorite food:Crepe、almond

Hobby:Make fresh juice

Special skills:Violin

Treasure:”INUMEN Z mask” that she got as a child



* * *



Honey has been WEB shop of honey called

“Honey Bee Company” together with the bee of Cute-Bee.

She moved to the forest three years ago and opened a honey store.

She makes every effort to develop new products to make

“Honey Bee Company” a popular store.

In the future, she want to have a real crepe shop, not a web shop.

Her life has always been turbulent, for examples interference

with rival stores and being liked by aliens.

She is reliable and practical person.

She looks very cute and weak,

but she is an active or dynamic person.

Honey is the niece of INUMEN Z.



* * *



Here is the story of Honey

(Sorry! Japanese Only.)




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