Would you like to sell

POP COLLE character goods

at your shop?



Why don’t you sell POP COLLE character goods
currently produced by us at your shop?
There are some products that are also available other than
the products currently sold at our official web shop.
In addition, since collaboration goods production etc.
are also possible, please consult.





POP COLLE character goods List



Here are some products currently sold at POP COLLE WEB SHOP.


※In addition, there are products and new products that are not sold at the WEB shop.





Flow of product handling



1. First, please tell us your desired product and image.


Please tell us the product image that you will place in your shop.


For example,
If the product has been decided specifically, the product name.
Consultation according to the level of customers coming to the store (many children, many bikers, etc.)
I want to create and sell collaboration products instead of existing products.
That’s okay that you are thinking vaguely at the moment.
First of all, please tell me what kind of image you want to handle POP COLLE character goods with.



2. Estimates and Suggestions


We will make specific suggestions after you share the image.
●Presentation of wholesale value.
●Suggestions such as the number of lots for each product and the minimum number of purchases.
●Schedule (※ It may take days depending on the number of stocks)



3. Contract


We contract with your company with mutual agreement.







Q1. Can you make POP advertisement?


We can make it if it is simple.
More complicated ones and expensive ones may be quoted separately. Please note.



Q2. Please let me know the wholesale price.



Depending on the number of transactions, we will propose in the range of approximately six to eight.




Q3. Is the transaction a purchase? Is it a digested transaction?



We will propose by setting the number of transactions and wholesale price.
First of all, please consult while asking about your request.





Product handling store



※ Currently only Japanese page.







If you have any further requests or questions,

please feel free to contact us.