POP COLLE characters explain your products
in an easy-to-understand manner!



Just explaining the character, you can easily introduce a cute

and easy-to-understand content of your product or service.


The character and the person in charge

of your company introduce it in conversation form.


We will create an article incorporating illustrations and photos,

and will be in series about 3 to 6 times.


Not only posting on our website but also reprinting

on other websites and posting on brochures is possible.



※ “© 2000 POP-iD Inc.” is included in the illustration in the article.





Flow of article production





At first we will ask what kind of products / services to introduce.

We will determine which character is appropriate in the meeting, and what kind of process is easy to understand if it is introduced, and will decide the outline.





Based on the content of the meeting, we will make a concrete proposal.
How many times is it all? How is it configured?
What is the appearing character?
We will propose these together and decide the contents.



③Article creation


We will create an article with a fixed content.
We will check the finished manuscript, correct it and finish it.
※ We include card design and print (300 pieces) including introduction page address in our site.








※ Currently only Japanese page.




Q1. Can you draw a caricature?



We will prepare a portrait of the person who will serve as a lecturer. (Included in the price)
Please note that we will combine the POP COLLE characters with the taste.




Q2. Can I order cartoons, illustrations, etc?


We will draw cartoons and illustrations in a way that meets your wishes as much as possible.
If there are many, we will estimate after consultation.
The basic structure is to use a conversational style and explain the character “intelligibly”.
Our staff who are not specialists in your company’s products first understand the contents, and consider and propose a page to introduce products in an easy-to-understand manner from the perspective of your customers.




Q3. Can I add new information after completion?



We will estimate according to the amount and content of the correction.



POP COLLE Character List




If there is a character you are interested in, please contact us.

Click here for usable characters list.









If you have any further requests or questions, please feel free to contact us.





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