POP COLLE is looking for companies

who want to make products using

POP COLLE characters

and sell those products. (Licensee)



We are waiting for companies that are interested in using

POP COLLE characters on products,

advertisement, and publication.





POP COLLE Character List



If there is a character you are interested in, please contact us.

Click here for usable characters list.







About License Contract Basics



1 . License fee for using our characters when you make your original products using them.



【Basic Idea】


<product’s price> × <percentage of loyalty> × <amount of products>


※The percentage of loyalty depends on the character.
※The fee for use varies depending on each condition.


We will confirm the content and quote.



2. Flow of license agreement


【In case of your suggestion】


f you would like to propose a plan using our property, we will first submit a plan document of the outline.
We will consider the contents of the plan, we will quote, and then we will proceed to the contract.




【In case of our suggestion】


If we make a plan and make a proposal, we will first ask you what you would like to do, then we will submit a proposal and a quote on that.





3. Design supervision


We will check the design, etc. in order to maintain the character image, world view and quality.







Q1. Please tell me about the character fee for use in products.



It depends on the character.
In the case of a product, it is basically the product fee multiplied by the royalty fee set for each character and the number of products produced.



<product’s price> × <percentage of loyalty> × <amount of products>


Please feel free to contact us for specific usage fees.



Q2. Are there any prohibitions regarding the use of characters?




Basically, we prohibit the use of the one that may impair the character’s worldview, the one that may adversely affect the character’s image, and the one that violates the law.



Q3. Please tell me the flow of commercialization.




1. Planning for commercialization
2. Submission of contract
3. Product design check
4. Product color check
5. Prototype sample check
6. Product commercialization



Q4. May we draw illustrations that are not listed in the character book?



Basically, you use the illustrations that are listed in the character book, but it is also possible for you to draw it, however, we will supervise.
In addition, we can also create new drawings.
(A separate quote will be required)






If you have any further requests or questions, please feel free to contact us.





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